Following are a few book recommendations pertaining to our travels through the North this summer:

Kabloona by Gontran De Poncins In 1941, a Frenchman leaves his home to spend a year living with the Inuit. The honest prose about his experiences, both good and bad, is a refreshing change from the political correctness present in many modern day books on the subject.

The Last Place on Earth by Roland Huntford This is an account of the race between Amundsen and Scott to the South Pole, but much of the book focuses on Amundsen’s first crossing of the Northwest Passage , and the arctic survival skills he honed while living among the Inuit.

Fatal Passage by Ken McGoogan A very interesting read about the explorer John Rae, the Arctic adventurer who discovered the fate of Sir John Franklin and his expedition. Rae was a doctor with the Hudson Bay Company, but spent most of his time exploring northern Canada on foot.

Arctic Crossing by Jonathan Waterman Jonathan’s adventures and observations as he paddles through the Northwest Passage in a kayak. It’s a decent read if you can endure his occasional tirades about the evil influence of the white man on the Arctic .

Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez An interesting and informative work on the modern day Arctic . Barry tells of the mystical beauty of the land, animals, and people in this unique place. Definitely told from the perspective of an ardent environmentalist, but overall one of the better works on this ever changing land.

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