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Series 13 - The Final LegReflections
Series 12 - En route from Goose Bay to TorontoDoug Refueling
Series 11 - En route from Resolute to Goose BayPolar Bear
Series 10 - En route to Resolute, Nunavut, CanadaArctic landscape
Series 9 - Eureka Weather Station ConditionsEureka Weather Station
Series 8 - En route Pictures - Cambridge Bay areaArctic Char at Jako Lake
Series 7 - En route Pictures - Paulatuk and beyondFueling at Paulatuk
Series 6 - En route Pictures - InuvikCrew Two at Inuvik
Series 5 - Pictures Taken By Tom On Leg 1Doug at the controls
Series 4 - Pictures Taken By Steve On Leg 1Michael and Dan
Series 3 - First En route Pictures - Whitehorse Fresh fish
Series 2 - First Stop Pat BayPat Bay
Series 1 - The Great Arctic Air Adventure Begins Departure
Doug and Marks Recent Training FlightBC Training Flight
Doug and Marks 2007 Research FlightRefueling from drums
Test Flight To Check Drum RefuelingPreflight